I was prancing off in my full length black winter coat to the car and then into the office ready for the day to begin. It was brisk winters day, the coat was a stylish and sensible acquisition. I was powering through my emails and phone messages, anxious to get out into weather to test my new coat.

Once I hit the road, the day was going well with inspections, offers were on the table and more were heading my way. Driving to my last appointment to appraise a property and pretty happy with myself, I pulled up, stepped out of the car and headed to the front door. The vendor welcomed me with a genuine smile and hello, the vibe was good. I entered the well kept house, waling through a long wide hallway with high ceilings and an immaculate decor. The proud vendor started pointing out different features in the hallway. Paying full attention and following her finger directed at the many impressive items, l made a quick full turn, my long coat lifting and fanning up and outwards taking out her prized antique vase sitting on a corner stand!

The silence was deafening, mood moved from pleasant to “what the” in a split second. Both of us standing there looking down at scattered array of pieces. My skills as a salesperson were never needed as much as they were on this occasion.

I listed the property and sold it for over the asking price and the vendor still talks to me. Old Dog

Produced by OLD DOG and Genesis FX