Put the dog out is propballuy a wise move.Old client of ours asked how to present house for sale, my response was “how it is” is fine. This house was warm tastefully decorated, a real home that felt comfortable. A couple of days later l spotted the elderly client with his brother walking to hotel. Both 80 year old characters, less than 5 foot high each. My name for them was the leprechaun Mischievous little men. I pulled up and said what are you two up to, response was “going to pub come with us”, my reply, l can get in trouble without any help from you pair, short exchange then l bid fair well. Next day my elderly client was walking his dog past the office. I said to him, Bob how did you and Dayrle go at the pub last night? He said good night at pub, not so good when we got back to my brothers house, a very serious expression on his face. What happened?

Because I was preparing to sell and changing things around my brother decided to do the same. His brother lived close by on a road that was popular with walkers and their dogs. Arriving home from the pub three sheets to the wind they entered the brothers house. They had left Bob’s Cocker Spaniel dog in the house while they were out galavanting. The brothers decorating consisted of new venition blinds on every window. The unit/house was part of a body corporate and most the foot traffic could be seen by the cockerspanial through most of the windows. The dog had 3 hours to bark and scratch at the windows. The two human  Leprechaun where out smarted by the canine version of a Leprechaun PS : Don’t leave dog in house when going to Pub.

Old Dog