Where have we been?

We have been where we should have be… We have had to go through what we went through to be where we are now.

COVID, interest rates, utilities, food prices, petrol and even the humble lettuce, nothing was spared an increase in costs during the past year. But, we had the goods to buy, a lot of countries didn’t.  A lot of people didn’t have food, didn’t have shelter and we complain because we had to pay extra.

Yes, I hurt too when I fill up my tank at the bowser and I know that we are all tightening our belts.  It’s called living within your means.

Once upon a time, the average family was lucky to have a single car, and a second hand one at that.

We all have the same stories, young & old and what we used to do and memories of the times.

We still made the best of what we had, as long as we had our loved ones around us nothing mattered.

Now for the next stop/station.  We have technology now, a gift from those that came before us, Babbage and Lovelace. In case you don’t know who the early pioneers of the computer age were:

Ada Lovelace teamed up with mathematician Charles Babbage, together they created an adding machine named the Difference Engine and a computer called the Analytical Engine.  These original plans we devised back in the 1840’s.

Now we have fusion energy to look forward to, the hope for a clean planet.

What’s the next stop?  Whatever your imagination gives you.

All the best for the holiday season.

Old Dog.