First past the post

A few years ago meet some clients on a couple hundred acres. l turned up in
my Commador they turned up in a brand spanking new top of the four wheel drive
They had obviously been to lunch celebrating there new car purchase and
wanted to  take it out to the country to see how it would perform.
Sitting in the front passenger seat enjoying the panoramic view, l directed the proud
driver to the highest point on the property. We stepped out of the car and
started to walk around talking about where they could position there weekend
100 meters away from the car l turned to notice 4 thoroughbred race
horses around the car very interested in the new rubber on the rear vision
mirrors, door seals, bumper bar and for plastic number plate
surrounds, happily chewing away
The clients in a canter back to the car, me trotting back to the
car trying to think how l could salvage a possible sale.
I didn’t back the winner that day.