THE MOVIE SET  There has been a huge shift in peoples shopping habits and movement around the community. On line shopping is here to stay, because of the conveniece, delivery to your door. They can’t supply live entertainment with a stella cast of characters, no scripts

To get the people back into the commercial areas REZONE. Create a new zoning RESIDENTIAL MARKET ZONE and RELAX BYLAWS. What is the main ingredient that makes a community? People/characters and movement. Don’t restrict movement from A to B, shop to shop, home to home. We are getting older. At present we seperate are older community. They are our most valuable asset. We restore vintage cars and show them off as our pride and joy’s. The vehicles are maintained in pristine condition, put on display, admired and enjoyed by all the community.

To attract foot traffic turn the streets into resting stations with visual appeal. Don’t block off the street off. The delivery truck driver is part of the cast/entertainment. The car driver trying to navigate through the street/set are also playing their part. The hussle and bussle is the music score.

Add comfortable seating with powerpoints to charge mobile phone and electric chairs, clean well maintained toilets, small raised areas for artists to create and display. Why would you go home if you are with your freinds and entertained with all the comforts of home.