A few years ago l booked an open for inspection in a large house with open plan living and spacious rooms.

The vendor said that she would open the house up, open all the doors and turn all the lights on and for me, and to leave everything as it was because she would go for a walk and wouldn’t be far away.

On seeing the prospective purchasers off at the front door saying good by, I stepped back inside because it was quite cold. I pulled my phone out to ring the vendor and as the phone rang l could hear a mobile phone, to my left in the dining room, the embarrassed vendor was behind the large dining room door.

To this day l am not sure who was the most startled or embarrassed.

Questions that went through my mind, did l say anything untoward?  Did she come in while l was showing the people around? Was she there all the time? Because she was a very shy lady, did l scare her?

Now l check behind all doors when l go into a house before the clients get there.



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