The positive side of interest rate hikes

It’s easy to fall into the trap of ‘doom and gloom’ when interest rates keep rising, but it’s not always a bad thing for the real estate market.
The opportunities that are still out there are more affordable, whether it is a house, apartment, block or investment.
The safest side of the market is always bricks and mortar, so quite often retirees looking to downsize are keen sellers and open to negotiation because they want to move on.
The market doesn’t slow it just steadies and finds its groove.
There are a lot of properties that are off-market, with keen sellers who don’t want to list publicly, for many different reasons. They are super keen to sell and want to deal directly with an agent and a genuine buyer.
You will never see the property online and the sale will be behind closed doors.
So, when the so-called experts say that higher interest rates are going to cripple the market, they obviously don’t have a list of off-market properties.
The media loves to buy into sensationalism and, like a dog with a bone, loves a good hard luck story.

Old dog (with a bone)