Comfortable floating around in warm amniotic fluid, not a care in the world, on auto feed no effort on my part, waiting for the big day, BIRTH.

Contemplating my upcoming adventure. All of a sudden- wave disturbance, going with the flow no resistance on my part being handled by an alien in white space suit no ears, no mouth, just eyes. It was holding scissors and swiftly cut off my auto feed tube, “not happy Jan” . It would have been nice if l had a bit of notice.

Being held buy this alien closely watched buy another alien. I thought what the ? He then held me aloft smaked me on the arse. I screamed,  thinking it would scare him off, it worked. He handed me to my recent abode  the calm and caring human with loving crying eyes MUM. Lying there feeling safe, l settled in snug as a bug in a rug.

Again after short stay the other alien grabbed me and started washing me in warm liquid, this was quite pleasant, then rapped in warm comfy towel and handed back to mum.

Thinking, safe and sound now, time to sleep, but no, this big round ball off flesh with large nipple being forced into my mouth. For a split-second l thought what are they doing now?  my taste buds sample the sweet warm nectar, “yum yum” this was far more pleasant than being auto feed.

I was sucking away filing my tummy to overcapacity, out of the corner off my eye l spotted the alien back with another blanket and quickly snatched me up and wrapped up like a sushi roll and placed me in a space capsule next to mum. I couldn’t move, but l could see mum, after the ordeal, time to sleep. I wish they would turn the bloody lights off. thinking to myself “if this is birth l am not doing this again.”


Old Dog