Drive down the drive of a picturesque home on 5 acres, clients on board, sun shining, the perfect interlude.

My window open to take in the sounds of nature and perfume of the native fauna. Something did not sound right.

All of a sudden, out of nowhere, the car was surrounded by about 100 geese, their necks extended and beaks pointed to the sky, each and every one of them expressing their displeasure at me and my clients being on their turf.

My clients two adults and two children being from the city had never been confronted by such a situation.

Panic set in, kids crying, parents I very animated trying to calm the kids. The father glared at me and I raised voice said WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?

In those days there was no mobiles to call RACV, Animal Rescue, Police or Fire Brigade. Doctor Harry was not on the scene back then.

Being young, stupid and a healthy EGO. l said to the clients “ l will take care of this “. With visions of me lying on the ground kicking and screaming feathers everywhere, l burst out into the fray, l yelled at the top of my voice “ GET, GO, SHU” might wake the dead to hear. The geese did not draw breath just kept squarking

Standing there,  surrounded, the geesefull attention on me and not on the car and its occupants. I moved a step they moved a step, l moved two steps they moved two steps. I was getting the hang of this. Thoughts of breaking into a Irish Jig.

Walking around the house, looking for the feed shed my feathered friends in tow. l felt like mother goose. Feed shed locked. Heading back to the car in conversation with the geese. Hey dudes where’s the key to the shed? When’s mum and dad coming home?

Arriving at the car the clients staring in amazement at me and the geese l felt like crocodile dundee. “EGO out of control now”

Entering the car,I remarked, are you right to inspect the house? Immediate in unison “NO “ was their response.

Driving back to the office, one of the children said to me. “ that was pretty cool to watch Joe“ my response  “ YEH! It was pretty cool”

PS. Why would l do anything other than realestate

Old Dog