When negotiating, do not get emotional, it can turn the negotiating pear shaped. It’s all about numbers, what you can afford, and what the vendor will accept.

When you take the emotion out of a discussion, you will get to the deal quicker, and you will be able to think a lot more clearly.

A bit of quick advice, never send an email or text in anger. If there is one tiny but of advice that I give that is worth its weight in gold – it’s this. Write your anger-a-gram in Word, then sit on it for 24 hours. Don’t put it into an email until you are absolutely calm and clear.

When you are cashed up and have done your homework, put your offer in. Tell the agent that you are prepared to transfer your full deposit into the trust account. This will tell the agent you mean business and if contracts are not signed by the vendor for whatever reason you will get your deposit back ready for the next opportunity. There is always another opportunity, usually for the better.

There’s a great adage – money talks, BS walks.

Short story:

I had three buyers bidding for the same property.

1st buyer: Offer at full price, subject to finance, approval in 14 days with a 90 day settlement. And an offer of a $1,000 holding deposit.
2nd buyer: Offer was above the full price, subject to sale of their house and small holding deposit was offered.
3rd buyer: Less than full price, finance was approved with a 30 day settlement or whatever settlement the vendor required. And to sweeten the deal a full 10% deposit transferred once the offer was accepted by the vendor.

I submitted all three offers, and the vendor accepted the third unconditional offer (the lowest). This was because they had already found a property to buy, through another agent and wanted certainty in the sale so they could move on.

Closing note: be sure you can do what you say and be prepared to move decisively. The less conditions in your offer the better chance of securing the property.

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