Made for Walking… everywhere.


One of the main tools for country real estate is a good sturdy pair of boots with good grip for steady climbing of fences, crossing streams, for a stable footing on tractor tour.  Polished up and off you go to the local dance.

So, off l go one morning with a new boots grin from ear to ear to the office to collect my listing kit to appraise a splendid period home on acres.

New boots, blue jeans and full length black coat, stepping from my car, l could not help but marvel at the size of this magnificent example of period architecture.

On approaching the front porch, the vendor opened the large wooden door with a welcoming smile and greeting, ‘hi Joe, long time no see’. This was going well!

The wide hallway as long as a cricket pitch, covered with a thick wool carpet runner the full length of the hallway.

Front door shut and half way up the hallway l smelt something pretty ordinary. Large expensive period homes usually come with large well-fed watchdogs, my large new shiny boots with four-wheel drive grips for soles boots had found a hidden land mine.

Leaving hallway with vendor gaging, me speechless also gagging.

At the garden tap, I was digging out the offensive material from my you-beaut shiny boots, thinking l should have taken them off on the front porch. 

I did get the listing after l cleaned the wool carpet hall runner.

I now wear slip on shoes and drive a 4 wheel drive car!


Old Dog
(Toilet trained)