Old Man Emu was feeling particularly spry one day and decided to show off his speed by running through the Outback. As he dashed past Wally the wombat, Wally blinked in surprise and muttered, “Crikey, that bird’s got more energy than a kangaroo on a sugar rush!”

Gary the goanna, who was sunning himself lazily on a rock, lifted his head in astonishment as Old Man Emu zoomed by. “Well, I’ll be a bilby’s uncle! That’s one speedy bird,” he hissed in amazement.

Not one to be outdone, Larry the lizard scuttled out of Old Man Emu’s path, his tiny legs a blur as he tried to keep up. “Wait for me, feathered mate! I’ve got more legs, but you’ve got more speed!” he called out, panting.

Claud the crow cawed loudly from a nearby tree, watching the spectacle unfold. “Fly, Old Man Emu, fly! You’re faster than a dingo chasing a barbie sausage!” he squawked, flapping his wings in excitement.

Ken the cockatoo, perched atop a termite mound, whistled appreciatively as Old Man Emu raced past. “Look at him go! He’s quicker than a Tasmanian devil with a hot potato,” Ken screeched, admiring the avian’s agility.

Sydney Swoop the magpie, known for his mischievous nature, swooped down low, trying to keep pace with Old Man Emu. “Hey, slow down, feathers! You’re making us birds look bad!” he warbled, dodging branches and laughing gleefully.

And so, Old Man Emu continued his mad dash through the Outback, leaving a trail of astonished animals in his wake, each one marveling at the speed and determination of the feathered speedster. It was a sight that would be talked about in the animal kingdom for years to come, a tale of a bird who ran faster than a dingo with a stolen snag, much to the amusement of all who witnessed it.