Definitions :Sushi roll, New born wrapped in blanket – Alien, Doctors and nurses in white surgical outfit

Waking in the morning in the communal baby hall of the hospital to warm feeling in my sushi rapper outfit. This felt a bit strange, l  hadn’t had this feeling before.

Alien back with rubber gloves on snatching me up and holding me at arms length. What? Was alien going to dance with me? No thank you, l will sit this one out.

Alien gently laid me on shiny cold steel bench with small swimming pool attached. Alien took a huge breath and started to unwrap me, his head turned away. Was alien mad because l wouldn’t dance? “get over it Alien”

Over night l had developed a sense of smell. What use was this new sense? It made my eyes water and l wanted regurgitate last nights meal.

Alien was gasping, eyes watering, his arms had stretched another six inches to keep his nose away from me. I looked down, “come on mum” you should not have fed me black liquid road tar. This was mums fault. There were no visitors in this room, a lot rushing bye the open door.

All clean now, dusted down with white powder, new sushi wrapper, tighter than ever. Off to another room.

On entering, fellow sushi people. In seperate space capsules there only movement, their heads swiveling from side to side, up and down. I thought this must be prison! I couldn’t organise a riot because of mobility issues, we could not open our sushi wrappers to gas the Aliens and we couldn’t bit them we had not teeth. Only option, surrender for this battle, the war is not lost. We had a lifetime of battles to come.


Old Dog