1984 we opened opened office at Ballan.

The office exterior signs were hand written by true artists/sign writers

The office equipment, state of the art, had a correcting type writer and soon to come a fax machine.

Communication to the outside world was via Land line commander system to service reception desk and offices cubical.

The for sale signs to put on properties was made of metal.

Steel and timber droppers to erect signs

Sledge hammer,Wire cutters

Commission was regulated by the government

35 mm camera to take photos of our properties

A stack of paper authorise for signing up properties for sale

Solicitors prepared contracts

Mail delivery

News papers to advertise our properties

REIV Diary

Office open 7 days a week

2 sales people

1 reception person

Interest rate 13%



Sign writing done by machines

Equipment, computer

Communication: mobile phone, email, internet and 3CX system

For sale signs : corflute and timber erected by sign company

Photography done by photographer

Commission deregulated

Authorities online

Contracts prepared by office, conveyancers and solicitors

All contract and paperwork goes via email

Internet advertising

iPhone connected to office computer

Flexible hours

Work from home or office

More time for family

More time with clients

Interest rate 3%