When people tell me what type of property they are looking for or have seen something that suits, they will quite often say “ l have just started looking “ and they keep looking, come back later and buy the first one they looked at (if the property is still available).

When you ask for something the universe gives it to you.

When people veiw a property that suits they will start to pick faults, either to get the price down or to analise what they need to do to the property to suit their requirements. Either way it is a sure sign to the agent that they want to purchase.

Short story :  l took a family of 5 around to a 4 bedroom brick home close to shops, schools and transport and within their price range. The vendor was not home. I met the client at the property, on greeting the family, as l the got out of the car and walked to the front door the husband started looking for faults “the fence needs attention”, “ the eaves need painting.” In the house he kept going “need paint”, “carpets are worn”, “bedrooms are too small”, “ the lounge suite won’t fit “.  In the kitchen dining area, “needs a skylight”, “tiles need regrouting.” All the while the wife was silent and then three words “l love it!“ l turned to the wife who was standing at the kitchen sink looking out the window at their kids playing in the sand pit.

The only peep from the husband from that point on was “yes dear.”


Old Dog