Foot in mouth

Standing in the front office with fellow colleagues the receptionist and sales person drinking coffee looking out the widow at Ballan’s full winter blast. I had to rush outside when I realised that the A board had been blown over.

On returning to the safety and warmth of our centrally heated office, with no appointments booked, no phone ringing, hoping the power wasn’t going to go out, to our surprise the front door opened and in walked a lady.

She was bent over in the position she had taken walking in the nearly arctic wind. On straightening up, we could not help but notice that the wig she was wearing was askew on her head.

My opening comment was “bit windy out there!” – well, you could have heard a pin drop. The comment, obviously had gone down like a bad smell in an elevator.

My colleagues ducked for cover in the adjoining room and I was left alone. The office was very small and the acoustics weren’t satisfactory, it was like working in an echo chamber. My words seemed to hang in the air for an eternity.

The lady never forgave me and l will never forgive my colleagues for deserting me in my hour of need.

Old Dog